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Dental Services

CT Scan

A dental CT scan combines dental X-rays and computerised tomography to create a 3D image of the jaws, including the bone shape and structure, soft tissues, and teeth. The procedure is entirely pain-free and takes approximately 10 minutes.

A CT scan is needed to assess and plan your dental implant treatment safely and accurately. It is also essential to identify structures such as nerves, root tips and sinuses.


OPG, simply put panoramic X-ray, also called an orthopantomogram, is a way your dental professional can assess your upper and lower jaw, and teeth. You can be standing for it with your head in position, and an x-ray camera rotates around your head. In few seconds an image is produced to aid your dental treatment option.


Intraoral X-ray is another way to show dedicated images of different aspects of teeth to diagnose any problems. The digital picture is available at a click of a button. You can even take it home!

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